Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There is so much information out there on the chakras;
most of which, is so esoteric, it can be hard to apply in “real life”.

On my personal healing journey, I found through my yoga study, that the chakra template was so incredibly integrating, and had such a powerful effect on my awakening, that I felt inspired to share it with others. The more I understand about the chakras, the greater my desire to bring practical application into the public consciousness.

The activating potential in the lower centers is where we tend to drop into struggle and mire in this material world; unless you understand these "lower" chakras potential for serving as a foundation, for both what has been, what is and what is to fully manifest into your present as a result.

The Grace-filled, healing potential of the upper centers is where we tend to get mired in distortion, immunity and the ineffability of integrating and manifesting what we "think" we would choose in our life. It is these "higher" centers that specialize in bringing our future into the context of our current potentiality.

The template of the Seven Sacred Chakras has the potential to awaken, integrate, heal, and clear all sorts of issues that we, as human beings get caught up in. Experiences in the course of everyday life, from cradle to grave, can either shut us off, or bring us into resonance with the larger picture of how to magnify every precious moment in this profound gift for learning and advancing our perspective, that we call life...Whew! That was a mouthful, channeled from my Third-Eye chakra out my Throat Center;).

During our retreat this past week, I taught that the Chakras are also an energetic blueprint that are as individual to each of us as our own fingerprint. They are a map, that can guide us through some of life’s most intense times, as well as, help us increase our capacity for joy and magnified potentials, beyond measure. (Thank you to Nicole for snapping a pic of one of those moments).

Tonight I was reminded of this by dear Kathy's daily photo to lift my prana: Romans 8:18 "What we now suffer is nothing in comparison to the Glory He will reveal to us..."

Just as we can read the lines in the hand, our own chakra fingerprint can teach us a lot about the deeper wisdom of who we really are, and what we’re supposed to do about it.

The Chakra system is often taught as a compartmentalized ladder, leading only one way. There is very little understanding of how we move on the journey from Crown to Root.

Through what I would honestly have to call a "Supersize" dose of life experience, I am one of the only teachers who facilitates, not only the downward journey, once awakened, but Bodhi Yoga seems to stand alone in teaching how to learn to access an awakened chakra imprint to work as "One Undulating Stream of Body, Mind, Spirit Intelligence".

My journey is one of teaching people how using both the liberating and manifesting currents simultaneously opens up potentials that are beyond the scope of measure. A powerful blend of potential when it comes to getting the most out of all aspects of life; rather than trying to reach some misguided sense of immunity and “call” it peace.

Learning hidden wisdom, getting more acquainted with the essence of who we are, and learning to captain our own acceleration on the track of life, as one of the deepest and best rides ever created, is what we were doing just last week at Bodhi Yoga.

I joined in person, with "13" sacred souls for our annual Bodhi Yoga Chakra Retreat. We had an amazing time learning the spectrum of the individual chakra colors, using a full-spectrum-aromatherapy, movement, gemstone therapy, yoga, meditation and more, including deep tears and deeper laughter.

Our week was an amazing time, where we learned the hidden wisdom behind our ChakraTwin, soulmate, and Eternal Counterpart; at the levels of mind, body and spirit connectedness. An incredibly empowering story of our Divine Essence, that IS what the chakras are all about.

Near the end of our week, we wanted a group picture and I tip-toed, barefooted outside to see if there might be someone doing yard work who could come in and take a photo of our group.

I found a nice looking, tall young man with a rake in his hand, who was happy to oblige, and knew just how to work my camera. As we walked back together into the Bodhi Yoga Center, on a lovely spring day, I knew I wanted to introduce him to the group properly and asked his name.

His miraculous reply was: “Syl” (short for Sylvan, my given name is Sylvia).

I introduced myself as Syl, as well; and prepared him for the loud laughter that would ensue when I shared his name with the group (in hopes that he would not take it personally) as we had been learning about our Eternal Chakra Twin. It was an "ask and it is given" moment, that will forever put a smile on my face.

Our week together was filled with life-changing, serendipitous experiences like this one, that served as an energetic confirmation that what we were doing there was having multidimensional ramifications. The support and comfortable energy of our group was so touching as we served, cared and were inspired by one another during our chakra retreat. (A special thank you to the "Syl" who was standing behind the lens, taking this photo).

Our week was filled with deep processing, clearing and integration. We learned to recognize and use the chakras as one undulating strand; with the realization of DNA potential as an incredible reward for learning to ground, play, stand, love, sing, see and feel the reality of a life well lived on all realms of consciousness!

Over the next year, we will be filming this incredible journey, to make it available to many more of you. We will also do it again one year from now, and hope you will join us in person!

I invite you to start exploring the wonderful products we have online, and when you come in person, you will:

  • Have the chance to purchase rare-precious-grade essential oils that cover Full Spectrum Aroma & Color Therapy™ for each chakra center, as well as integrate the streaming, interconnected potential for your Chakras.

  • Give and receive simple Thai Partner Yoga techniques that are chakra specific.

  • Learn Bodhi Yoga’s Four Approaches to Chakra Therapy™ and when to use each one for full integration.

  • Endless options for Chakra Yoga Practice, Meditation, Yoga Chant and so much more.

  • Enjoy the 150-page, full color manual that is chuck full of incredible hidden wisdom on the chakras. Learn more about next year's event here

Thanks to all the wonderful souls that participated. I am still basking in your glow!

I look forward to the Gateway hosted by Janet Barlow on Saturday May 12th to support all the incredible work we did during our week, for any that want to join in on that group.

Thank you again to all my Soul Chakra Sisters & Bro, and a special thank you to all of you who assisted me this week in the most loving way as I renew my strength and stamina. (gratitude tear down my cheek)

I especially honor Bodhi Yoga teacher Andrea, for bringing our 13th participant, that added a layer of extraordinary everyday sacred to what we shared with each other. I love the spontaneous hands connecting your heart to that of your sweet daughter. We wish you best of a blessings, as you activate your shakti, manifesting this new little goddess into our midst!

Near or far I thank you for taking this wild ride along with me and hope to see you all in person soon!


P.S. Thank you to Jeanne (owner of Gomm Stained Glass Studios) again, for your impromptu gift of bringing us each a stained glass star ornament! I love mine, and the beautiful work you do. The first image on Jeanne's website is the Bodhi Yoga Mandala she did for us in stained glass that graces the alter at the center.

You can watch the talented process she used in bringing it into full fruition here!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

2012 Chakra Trends: Rainbows Without the Rain

I have a favorite willow tree I bike up the canyon to. I sit here with my Japa Malas and meditate by a slow moving stream. One day recently as I sat there, I discovered my mantra. It came to me not as an auspicious Sanskrit chant with some ineffable meaning, but as a simple phrase.

In my preparations for our Spring 2012 chakra retreat, these meditations are supporting me. As we near the time this fall where I will share the deep wisdom that is surfacing, to help us with the 2012 (and beyond) shift, I am feeling humbled. Why the teachings of the chakras are coming through me in this way I don't know. What I do know is that the information we get to feast on this March is life-changing, life-affirming and liberating.

The old ways of seeing life aren't supporting us in the same way they have. Yet the new ways still feel a little unfamiliar, as we watch the global shift in consciousness unfolding right before our eyes. One of the best ways to create the space for your life to shift with this awakening tide is to stay humble. I don't mean humble in the overly reverent sense. I mean humble in the root chakra sense. The word humility comes from the Latin: Humus-"To come to ground". So we need to ride the shift and still stay grounded. Being humble is being grounded, and getting grounded takes humility.

So what's the mantra that surfaced from my incredibly grounded seated meditation, below my beloved willow? This tree is so sacred to me. I have been coming here for over 10 years. I have shared this space with just two people, Rex and Tom.

It is no mistake that a yogi with Rheumatoid Arthritis would navigate her way to sit below a Willow tree. Willow bark being an important ingredient in aspirin. My body has always finds harmony with the natural world and my mind finds harmony in the cosmos, and my chakras are the bridge between them, so when I heard my mantra, it's no mistake that I experienced a small miracle almost immediately....

As I worked my Malas through my fingers I heard myself begin to say: "I surrender my life to thy love in store for me". My body responded to these words. I could feel all my chakras awaken.

What does that feel like?

Well, it feels like they all begin pulsating waves of vibration as they move as ONE UNDULATING STREAM rather than separate, fragments of a much bigger whole. It is a LOVELY feeling...We will be learning about it this September at the "Spirals Chakra Retreat", I am giving in person at Bodhi Yoga.

I finished my Japa Mala and hopped back on my bike, heading home. I was still whispering my new born mantra to myself; getting acquainted with feel of the words on my tongue, when I noticed an unusual color in the sky.

It was mid day with no rain, yet above me a band of color was moving across the sky. In person it was enormous, it reminded me a the Aurora Borealis. The colors changed and shifted in a wide band right before my eyes. The indigo and violet, the reds and greens flowed right above my head in an intensity I had never seen.

The "Love in Store for Me", was offered immediately, and all I could say was "Thank you God, that was quick"... Hmmmm... another great mantra.

I snapped this photo with my phone, that doesn't do it justice, yet I am grateful to have it to share with you. The message was not lost on me: A rainless rainbow, the blessing beyond any struggle! It is huge and it is the way of our future, when we understand the steps to living that way all the time...

So I hope you will join me this September in person, and learn "Where Your Spirals Meet". We will take an amazing and deep dive into your chakras and learn how to use them as One Undulating Stream to bridge staying grounded with navigating this new shift into the Age of Truth.

You will learn a whole new way to live your potential! The recipe is with in you, whenever you are ready for it!

Learn more about this important event here:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WHAT is up with 2012--Just the Facts Ma'am!

2012 is a date that is being talked about a lot lately, and many people have opinions: Movies predict calamity, Mayans predicted evaporation, Astronomers predict completion, Religions predict Fullness of Time and Yogis? Well, Yogis predict truth...

Here are some stories of what 2012 is REALLY all about:

Mayans: Charted the stars, and according to their understanding, predicted that on approx. 12/21/2012 the earth comes into alignment with the Sun, as the Sun comes into alignment with the center of our universe. The center of our universe (from what they could tell) was a "void" that reflects the heat of the sun onto the earth.  Did you know this happens every year on the solstice?

Through their study, the Mayans learned that this heat that affects us each year is no ordinary heat, it seemed to have a spiritual aspect. As this heat is reflected onto the earth, any of us who can be filled with it, become one and are absorbed into the LIGHT. People who cannot tolerate this spiritual heat are burned up by it...hmmm, sounds similar to the bible prophecy of "Judgment-day" (which I believe is a great big mirror...God is Light, and light reflects, so the day of "judgment" is a day we see clearly, without illusion, who we really are--we judge ourselves through the eyes of God...Yikes!).  Could we also call it the spirit of the holidays???

Astronomers: have mapped that during 2012 the solar system comes full circle, a complete procession of the equinox, a cycle that from beginning to end, has a processional increase in speed with each year that passes, until it completes the cycle that takes around 26,000 years. Many cultures call this complete procession a "GREAT YEAR" or "Age". During 2012 we not only complete a procession that has taken us 26,000 years to reach, but we wrap-up the fourth 26,000 year cycle. When four complete processions come full circle, it is called an "Eternity". An intense, but lovely sentiment!

Astrologers: As of the birth of Christ, astrologically, we shifted from the zodiac of Aries (the ram you find everywhere in the Old Testament), into Pisces (the two fishes, symbolizing the choice between letter and spirit of the law). The two fishes, as well as fishes in general, are represented throughout the New Testament.

The year 2012 is significant to Astrologers generally, because after over two thousand years in Pisces, we enter the Age of Aquarius (the age of living water, or higher spirituality, the kind that Christ taught of many times and we find in John 4:14: "But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life."

Astrologers are saying that, on 12/21/2012, the galactic equator cuts the ecliptic at zero-degrees of the Western zodiacal sign Capricorn. Zero-degrees Capricorn is the point of the zodiac where the Sun is during the December solstice.

At December 21, 11.12 GMT, during the December solstice of 2012, the Sun touches the Dark Rift, which is located near the Galactic Center. The "Dark Rift" is considered the cosmic womb by the ancients of many cultures: the place of the dead, transformation, regeneration and rebirth.

The most important configuration found on the 12/21/2012 charting is a "Yod". A "Yod" in Astrology is called: "The Divine Finger of God" which points to the direction we are heading. It resembles an arrow in the chart that is given momentum by a tension (like the ends of the bow) of two conflicting aspects that are being forced to work together in a new way.  A "yod"indicates change and transformations in relation to the planets participating: The 12/21/2012 Yod indicates:

1. A quincunx, or inconjunct, meant to shift something (150 degree aspect) between Jupiter and Pluto.

Meaning: Coming to terms with our ego/weaknesses that makes way for vast insights and expansive vision, which allows all truth to come full circle into one whole. The end of the need for religious dogmas.

2. A quincunx between Jupiter and Saturn.

Meaning: Seeing where our true loyalties lie. Choosing where we stand, in order to greatly magnify our potential.

3. A central opposition (180 degree aspect) made between Jupiter and the Mercury/Venus conjunction.

Meaning: The mind and heart begin to work together in an intensely expansive way. The God of Heaven (father-time) and Goddess of earth (Mother Earth/Nature) act as one.

WHEW, looks like a wild ride!

And now...THE YOGIS!
According to ancient yoga cosmology (study of cosmos, and their meaning to us), life in the universe is created and REORGANIZED, (the word detroyed tends to freak people), once every full day (meaning a day and night) for God.

These cosmos cycles of creation and reorganization are said to repeat like the seasons, waxing and waning within a greater supernal time-cycle of the evolution and expansion of the universe. They are called...wait for it....YUGAS!

Like Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, each Yuga involves stages or gradual changes that the earth and the consciousness of humankind go through as a whole. A complete yuga cycle from a high Golden Age of enlightenment to a Dark Age and back again is said to be caused by the solar system's motion around a central sun.  Pulsing in perpetual creation and reorganization (destruction), like the pounding of God's heart. 

On approximately 12/21/2012 we wrap-up "Kali Yuga" the age where man kills man and the Female aspect of God sleeps. On this date we enter "SATYA YUGA", the age of Truth, Spiritual Connection, Harmonizing of Masculine and Feminine, and Higher learning and living, both individually and as a collective. The outer Heavens, or universe, being a reflection of the inner heart and mind in each of us. Truth becomes our way.

It is said this happens with a spontaneous activation of our "Light Body", also called our Chakras!

(Post-Update) In my community on 12-16-2012, this past sunday many mormon woman planned collectively to wear pants to church as a passive expression of, what I would surmise, is a broader Feminine awakening in the hearts of both men and women.  Look in your own community and I bet you'll find similar examples that relate to your own culture.

No matter what you believe:

We are all fortunate to be participants on the planet here and now, as we shift into a clearer place body, mind and soul!

The energy of doomsday, or Armageddon has fascinated people for ages, but it is important to keep in mind that the idea of moving into an age where the Ego (with a capital "E"), dissolves away would naturally feel like the end of the world as we know it...

It's important to understand that regardless of what story you choose to subscribe to regarding the iconic 2012, that broad shifting is at hand, and the way to stay clear and centered is to know your Self...that's with a capital "S", not the small one we can sometimes act from, when not getting our own way seems like...well...the end of the world.

Join us in person for "Where the Spirals Meet" Chakra Healing Retreat and ride the awakening wave into 2012 with clarity and enlightenment!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Preparing for our 2012 Chakras

Join me in person, Spring of 2012. As we approach this transformational time in our world, we need this vital information more than ever!

Here's what one past attendee said of her Spirals Weekend:

"I knew as soon as I received information about Syl's 3-day seminar, "Where the Spirals Meet," that this was the class for me. I knew it. As I talked to my friends about it, I told them that I would be fed on all levels-- especially spiritually. Although my inklings proved correct, I had no idea the enormity of the feast that I was to enjoy.

Her knowledge and skill in teaching are no less than life transformational. Love yourself enough to invest in learning from this great woman and teacher. You will, as I have been, thank yourself over and over."

Enroll now HERE

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crown Chakra: "I see My face in God's Countenance...Oh LOVE Open, Show me my Country, Take me HOME"

The Crown Chakra is the place of full presence, realization, oneness...unity beyond words.

For the most part we find it easy to apprentice ourselves to sadness, anger or impatience.

The "work" of the Crown center is how we apprentice our selves to Pure Pleasure, Ineffable Joy and Ecstatic Awareness, Absolute Intelligence.

Did you know your Crown Chakra is most active a night, when you are actually unconscious. It does all sorts of mental, emotional and chemical renewing so you can live at an effective conscious level during the day....and...It is not bound by time or space.

Your Crown Center is where you recognize the reality of your infinite potential, Your God Countenance and...

It is where we begin our journey in a life-changing online chakra therapy program called 7 Chakras Mind & Body by clicking HERE!

Before I had a brain...I had the INTUITION of my Third EYE

Did you know even before your brian develops, your pineal gland is in place?

Did you know that your pineal gland, or master gland, is right where yogis say you have a "third eye" for "Seeing inward"?

...and....that the Pineal Gland actually has a "crystaline lense-like structure" that releases hormones to make you sleepy when it's dark and awake when it's light?

Even better...did you know that your pineal gland also is considered to trigger when you hit puberty, menopause (in women) and may have a deep correlation to the exact time of death? Like an inner-knowing time clock!

When I felt the intuition that I needed to offer a chakra training, I thought I randomly picked three times during the course of a year. Hmmmmm...

My Third Eye Chakra knew better.

It just so happens that the Manifesting Current Spirals workshop is taught in the spring, as the earth manifests her blossoms and we celebrate Easter, Passover and the first day of Spring with the equinox..

...A really cool time to learn about the power of bringing the Crown Chakra energy down into the physical reality.

I have a strong "INNER-KNOWING" (third eye) that you will not want to miss this incredibly
powerful workshop where we learn:

-The physics behind Energy Healing

-The Three Primary Currents of Shiva/Energy healing and how to find them with your clients or self, and Yoga & Movement to balance these currents

-Maitri Practice of pulling back projections of illusion from your Third Eye, that are keeping you from more fully living your Dharma or life path.

-The Power of the Nadis, and Marmas to release wound up energy and disharmony

-Experiential training in Attraction and Allowing through the manifesting current

-The beautiful Chakra journey of going from Dream to Reality.

Learn more about the Chakras now by enrolling in a life-changing online chakra therapy program called 7 Chakras Mind & Body by clicking HERE!

Throat Chakra: "I love that outfit...It's just so ME!"

The throat Chakra is your center of communication, you know, but did you realize your clothing, car, home and occupation are also an expressions from your communication center as well as the "VIBE" you get from others. The things, people and places you surround yourself with "Say" a lot about who you are communicating yourself to be:

In College one of the first questions we ask a new friend is "what's your major", because that "SAYS" a lot about the person, as does what he/she chooses to wear, eat, even our body's posture, as well as the language or accents we share as we speak....and how well we listen, to others, and really listen to ourselves!

In the same way when we choose to physically say things that are not true, when we choose to present ourselves in a way that is inconsistent with our truth, we can suffer and create suffering in others. Lies, verbal or non, inhibit the throat center and literally dam up the energy of the throat. This often makes us need to swallow. What we are swallowing is our truth. When we hold it in, it can begin to go rancid inside of us. The truth needs sharing in order to live it's Dharma.

So next time you go to put something on a credit card you really can't afford, or buy a car that is beyond your financial means, check in and see how your throat chakra feels about it.

Exercises to enliven a healthy Throat Communication Center:

1-Look around your house and see how well it reflects the real YOU.

2- Examine your life and see where you can live a more balanced lifestyle.

3-Take 24 hours and do your best to avoid exaggeration in conversations.

4-Listen to others with the intent not only to hear, but to check in and see what kind of a "Vibe" what they are saying gives YOU!

5-Use your throat chakra to open your heart by expressing appreciation to others.

Learn more about the Chakras now by enrolling in a life-changing online chakra therapy program called 7 Chakras Mind & Body by clicking HERE!